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What is a Goat/Cow Share?
Contract is the same for our cow and goat share.

Goat and Cow Milk Shares FAQ

What is a goat/cow share?

It is partial ownership of a dairy goat. Owning a dairy goat, or portion of a dairy goat, allows you to benefit from what that animal produces; Because you own it! In Alaska you can drink milk from a goat you own. By owning a share in a goat you have a fresh supply of your own goats milk to drink.

How does a goat share work?

You, and others along with you, own a goat. You benefit from owning the goat by receiving a portion of the milk the goat produces. As with any animal, goats require care, feeding, milking, and milk requires proper handling. Blue Moon Dairy will board your goat, care for it, milk it, and prepare the milk for you to pickup from the farm. You pay the herdsman for the boarding, care, feeding, and milking of your goat.

How much milk can I expect from one goat share?

One share will provide approximately one gallon of milk for forty weeks.

The long answer includes several topics:

An average lactation for our goats is ten months; however, a goat may milk for a shorter or longer period of time. We plan on every doe milking for at least nine months. That is a conservative estimate but it does allow for early breeding or a drastic drop in production. Dairy goats have different styles of lactations. Some does produce a great deal of milk within the first few months then level off to a lower daily production. Others never have a high peak of milk production but have what is called a level lactation and give almost the same amount of milk everyday they are in milk.

What if I want more milk than one gallon per week? 

Call ahead or ask when you get to the farm.  More than likely there is extra and you can get what you need. 

What is the cost involved?

You first purchase your goat share(s) at $65.00 per share. This is a one-time cost. Now that you own a goat share you need to board your goat. Boarding or husbandry costs are $13.00 per gallon or $6.50 half gallon, paid when you pick up your milk.  If you're getting 2 gallons, the cost the day you pick it up is $26.
How do I get started?

Thoroughly review the information provided on Goat Shares. Request and review the purchase and boarding contract when you come to the farm. Sign the contract and once payment is received you will be the proud owner of a dairy goat/cow share.

What happens if I can no longer use the goat/cow milk?

Within our contract we have included a clause where we agree to purchase back any goat share we sell.  Please understand it is illegal to sell milk in Alaska if you are not a licensed and inspected dairy. Never sell your excess milk.

Please contact us to see the farm, goats and taste the best milk you've ever had!

Contact information:

Rachel Petersen
2200 N. CottonWood Loop
Wasilla, Alaska 99654


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