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Registered Nigerian Dwarf

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Linear Appraisal scores are posted and our young Nigerians did well!
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Piddlin Acres BZ Moonshine (V+EV)
Moon was GrandCh ND with best udder in ADGA show AK State Fair 07

ResJrChamp, July 07

DOB: 2-1-2006 Twin
Sire: Lost Valley TB Bonzai *B
         ss:Lost Valley Tae-Bo *B E
                sd: LostValley Tambourine 3*D
Dam: Piddlin Acres PV Luna
                       ds: TwinCreeks BW Peaceful Voyage*S VG
               dd: Piddlin Acres Blue Moonshadow E
Moon has very correct feet/legs, long bodied, open ribbed and her udder is attached everywhere.  Her willingness to milk has also taken me by surprise and I can't wait to see how she does on milk test.
Her show ring wins this summer were an added bonus!
ADGA July 16,07 ResCh Jr Doe
ADGA Aug 24, 07 GCH ND Doe with Best Udder, AK State Fair

BlueMoonDairy's ChurchMouse Aug 14, 2007

Triplet does March 24, 2008

Triplet does sired by our undefeated Champ, Paxson

Michael's Ark SP Triscuit
June 2008
DOB: 4-13-2004 Twin
Sire: Gay-Mor's Scarlet Pimpernel *S
       ss: ARMCH TwinCreeks LS Luck of the Draw
    sd: ARMCH Gay-Mor Berry's Jurrassic 2*D
Dam: D&D Tiny Toes MB Rebecca
ds: D&D KB Moneybroker
    dd: Gay-Mor's JJU Luminous

Pair of does from the triplets sired by our Ch, Paxson

Triplets, 2 does and a buck born March 17, 2008

Rev-A-Lea Farm Cameo (VEEEc)

Level, wide and correct
DOB: 3-3-2007 Twin
Sire: Doemain Acres BB Fallon
                  ss:  MCH Rosasharn's B'udderboy *S
                   sd: TwinCreeks LRM Dream About Me
    Dam: Doemain Acres WB Naelia
                    ds: Kaapio Acres RA Whiskey Blues AI *S
                dd: ARMCH Gay-Mor's Magic Naiad 5*D E
Single, pinto, buck kid, sired by Xcaliber, on June 9, 2008

Castilleja Im Your Huckleberry  
Preg with twins, July 07

Daisy and Mouse

DOB: 5-7-2006 Quad
Sire: Sandy Hollow UK Balboa
                ss:+*B Rosasharn's TL Ukulele KE'A
    sd: GoodWood KD Chiapas
Dam: BlueMountain Princess
ds: Tupence Moonshadow
           dd: ValleyView Redstart's Roselin
Twins! Aug 6, 2007
Buck-Sold Thank You!
Doe-"I'm No Daisy" Sold

Huckleberry is a very wide, very deep doe, with open/flat ribbing, level topline, long bodied and willing to milk. 
ADGA July16,2007  ResChamp Jr ND Doe

Due Oct 10, 2008 bred to Xcaliber.

Michael's Ark Xotic Find
Sept 2007
DOB: 4-07-2007 Triplet
Sire: Tupence Buckshot Blues
       ss: Shadow Mountain Whitehawk
sd: Prairie Wood Blue Angel
Dam: D&D Tiny Toes MB Saddie
ds: D&D KB Moneybroker
   dd: D&D Tiny Toes RB Page

Twin bucks sired by Xcaliber on April 14, 2008

Castilleja The Mess Im In (+VE+)
Spot in March 2008
DOB: 4-10-2007 Triplet
Sire: Sandy Hollow UK Balboa
                ss:+*B Rosasharn's TL Ukulele KE'A
    sd: GoodWood KD Chiapas
Dam: BlueMountain Princess
ds: Tupence Moonshadow
         dd: ValleyView Redstart's Roselin
Single buck by Xcaliber on June 18, 2008

BlueMoonDairy's ChurchMouse
In her winter clothes March 2008

ChurchMouse on Aug 14, 2007

DOB: 8-14-2007 Single
              Sire: SugarCreek SN Sil's Winston *S*B
                     ss:Sugar Creek Sally's Nate +S +*B
                           sd: ARMCHSugar Creek SS Silouette 6*D
                         AGS One day test Highest scoring and highest milk-2007
                    3.09 20in 47d 6.9M 4.2F 3.8P 73.07total score
      Dam: Piddlin Acres BZ Moonshine
                         ds: Lost Valley TB Bonzai *B                     
               dd: Piddlin Acres PV Luna                
Mouse has very correct feet/legs is long bodied, and is very wide throughout. 
You either love her choc color or you don't and I was tempted to name her 'Mud Fence'.  :)

Jr Champ ND-AK Summer Solstice show,June 2008-Tessa Maggiulli

We are tested free of CAE, CL, and Johnes

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